O’mast @CorsoComo10

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More than 100K playing on the web and many screening around the globe this finest documentary is quickly became a masterpiece for every Tailor’s addicted.

“O’mast” the masterpiece of Gianluca Migliarotti about the art of Neapolitan tailoring is now on sale @CorsoComo10. Don’t miss it!


Hong Kong World Premiere

“I colori di Antonio”, is a snapshot of the life and work of Antonio Liverano, a figure of historic proportions in the world of clothing and tailoring and one of the few masters of the Florentine tailoring style.
The world pemiere of this new documentary of Gianluca Migliarotti will take place on the 12th of July in Hong Kong.

Driving Dreams – Prelude




The Driving Dreams Team is scouting the prestigious Monza Circuit for the first shooting session. Follow this new story!

Franc Aleu and El Celler de Can Roca lead us to the GastrÒpera “El somni”

An Opera about the cyclic journey of human existence. A spectacular journey through the sense!

The image, the art, the music, the taste and smell, are united in a cross-media work piece: an opera-dinner about the cyclical journey of human existence.

A dream through twelve emotions that takes us to the table where the dinner will be held, where the kitchen and video creation are transformed into a new artistic experience.

A reference piece of art and cuisine that breaks the boundaries of creation themselves to offer a total perception of beauty.

El somni is the result of a cross-media creation because it takes several forms: the dining experience ever lived the making of a film, the conception of two exhibitions and the publishing of a book. All these different media explain the process of creation and adventure of this union between arts and kitchen at the service of thought.



Driving to the perfect beat


SFLD staff move to Spain for this second session of shooting.

After three months of pre-production the italian crew of SFLD join the spanish team in Barcelona for this second round.
Song for a lazy dog is an on work feature film based upon a story of Luca Trivulzio, a surreal road movie that will drive us across an undiscovered Spain full of love.

Don’t miss Joaquim Revenga’s funny messages from the set!


more information:  http://www.songforalazydog.com

O’mast in Scampia (Naples)

O’mast have been choosen to open the session of “CinemaDoc” project. The screening will take place in Scampia, Naples. Best know as the land of “Gomorra”.                                      ”I wish that the film could be of inspiration for the youth of this area” Gianluca says


Franc Aleu

Franc Aleu joins Margotfilm network!

Initially a photographer, during 1989 he formed the group MAAT with other artist dedicated to staging mechanical installations. It is from 1990 when his artistic activity is directed towards the area of video and audiovisuals. In 2012 he wins the National Cultural Awards (Catalunia-Spain) Audiovisual category for the excellence of his scenic videography, visual effects in theatre plays, opera and special projects.

Have a look to his spectacular visual world!

Stage setting

Margotfilm is now shooting with Valerio Musilli for Sudler & Hennessey

O’mast screening tonight

O’mast screening tonight at NAPA VALLEY FILM FESTIVAL, Thursday Nov. 8 2012, 8:30pm at Jarvis Conservatory (Napa-CA)

Sunday Nov. 11 2012, 10:00am at The Ritz at Copperfield’s Books 1330 Lincoln Ave. Calistoga (CA)


Just for the Peloton

The staff of Just for the Peloton scouting the famous “Muro di Sormano”…
stay tuned to discover their race!

CPH DOX 2012 Deadline

Deadline to submit your project for Copenhagen Film Festival 2012!

Hope to see you there, guys!

with love, SFLD Radio




Thanks to Madrid Film Commission

A special thanks to Madrid Film Commission for collaborating on the produccion of SFLD by administrating with the local authorities the shooting film permits in different location like Chamartin, Puerta del Sol among other places.



follow the link



Who is XC?

The actor Joaquim Revenga Tatin has been selected to play the role of XC in the upcoming feature “Song for a lazy dog”.

Here a still frames of Joaquim during the shoot on May 12 in Puerta del Sol.

Check on SFLD RADIO: soon an interview with Joaquim Revenga Tatin!