Driving Dreams

This documentary wants to be the first feature film dedicated to the man who conceived some of the most remarkable and visionary car designs of the 20th century, who happened to be made in Italy. A series of interviews to the leading men of the field mixed with images of theirs projects and cars, shot in search of the finest detaile with a refined photography.
The designers and their carswill be the main focus of the film, with the contribution of some of the greatest car collectors and enthusiasts as Mr. Ralph Lauren and Mr. Jay Leno, the stories of last craftmen who still make handmade cars parts.
A reality still pretty alive and kicking with thousands of followers.
A film who wants to talk to the connoisseurs as to the general audience through beautiful images and incredible stories of life.

Song for a lazy dog (Canción para un perro vago)

“Song for a lazy dog” is an on work feature film that will be achieved in September 2014. Written and directed by Luca Trivulzio, this road movie will drive us through a surrealistic spanish nirvana.At this moment Margotfilm, an independent production company, is the only support on its realization. We are looking for investors and supporters, check our crowfounding link (indiegogo.com/projects/somgforalazydog) or don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in co-producing or distribute it.


XC is one of many Spanish ”cornered” by the economical crisis, everything he owns is loaded in his old car. Long straight roads, blinding landscapes and small dry bushes are the only company for his journey. It’s just here, in these Spanish deserts, that he accidentally meets a kind and simple man of the countryside: Josè Martin and his lovely family. Strength, Perseverance, Courage and Love are Josè’s thoughts that XC picks up and chooses to embrace, continuing on his journey with a new purpose…

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